J. Patrick Meyer, PhD

Director, Psychometric Solutions

Patrick Meyer oversees the psychometric work on assessment products such as MAP Growth, MAP Skills, and MAP Reading Fluency. His research interests include IRT, vertical scaling, parameter invariance, and evaluating the psychometric characteristics of teaching measures.

Dr. Meyer is also the inventor and lead developer of jMetrik, an open-source software program used in over 20 countries. He has authored two books: Understanding Measurement: Reliability, which provides a comprehensive review of test score reliability, and Applied Measurement with jMetrik, which serves as a user manual for his software and a guide for conducting an operational psychometric analysis. He has published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Educational Measurement, Applied Psychological Measurement, and Educational and Psychological Measurement. He has conducted 25 standard-setting workshops in the licensure and certification field—as well as numerous workshops on psychometric theory and using jMetrik for data analysis.

Prior to joining NWEA in 2018, Dr. Meyer worked as an associate professor with tenure in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, where he taught courses in educational measurement and applied statistics. He began his academic career in 2004 as an assistant professor at James Madison University’s Center for Assessment and Research Studies. Dr. Meyer holds a PhD in educational psychology and research from the University of South Carolina.