NWEA Research: Innovation & Leadership

Championing the use of quality data that help teachers teach and leaders lead

Our researchers help us deliver what communities around the globe want: effective products and services that help educators maximize every student’s achievement and growth. They provide high quality, psychometrically robust assessments, participate in key educational policy and research discussions, and support our commitment to provide professional development rooted in research-based best practices.


The NWEA Research team continually looks at ways assessment data can be used to improve teaching and learning. Areas of inquiry include exploring different models of adaptive testing, diagnostic testing, and new ways of reporting data.

5 Fields of Expertise

Discover 5 fields of research-based expertise under 1 roof

Our researchers’ wide-ranging experience allows them to contribute to our mission: helping all kids learn. As leaders in their field, they present at research conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, and education media. They also share their knowledge via webinars, our Teach.Learn.Grow. blog, and NWEA events.

The Latest from our Researchers:

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How Our Research & Mission Relate

Explore how our research helps bring our mission to life

NWEA Research advances testing and measurement—but they also pursue research related to teaching, learning, and educational policy. They focus their efforts in five key areas.

Assessments that help drive decision making

Check out assessments

Discover assessments rooted in research

Our computer adaptive assessments help educators answer a crucial question: Are my students learning? By delivering precise, real-time information about every student’s learning triumphs and challenges, we set educators—and students—up for success.



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