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Empower teachers to learn how to assess student learning

Educators seeking to maximize student growth and engagement while strengthening school communities turn to Keeping Learning on Track® (KLT™), a proven, multi-year embedded formative assessment curriculum. Using KLT district-wide helps all educators (regardless of grade level or subject area) understand how to assess student learning by continuously gathering evidence of student learning, adjusting classroom instruction in the moment, and building local capacity to sustain those instructional shifts over time.

We chose KLT because of its research-backed structure, but in some ways it was still a leap of faith. The extensive feedback from teachers and students, along with classroom observations, show us that WOW, this is working; we’ve really received a return on our investment. Watching my teachers in action is exciting.

Dr. Linda Bertsch-Uveges, Assistant Superintendent
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District, Ohio

Quick Facts


Skip the wasteful and go for WOW

KLT supplies educators with more than just practical classroom strategies: it provides a process for applying those strategies over time. It’s a pairing proven to enrich educators’ ability to boost every student’s academic growth and achievement—and it’s one that helps districts develop collaborative, peer-led communities of practice.

Phase 1: Empowering Teacher Leadersprofessional-development-teacher-2014

(3 days of workshops; led by KLT facilitator)

Three days of workshops build embedded formative assessment expertise with a core set of educators selected to become leaders of Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs).

Phase 2: Ongoing Teacher Learning Communities

(2 years of monthly meetings; led by local TLC leaders)

TLC Leaders bring the practices back to their schools by forming and facilitating monthly TLC meetings using the KLT curriculum and resources. After each meeting, participants apply new strategies in their classrooms and reflect with peers at the next session.

Video Overview

Drive student learning minute by minute

Dylan Wiliam, formative assessment expert and lead researcher behind KLT, shares how embedded formative assessment boosts student learning and engagement.


Video Testimonials

Learn more about KLT

Educators share how KLT benefits both their teachers and students

  • Increases student achievement
  • Improves student participation and peer-to-peer learning
  • Enhances teachers’ ability to make immediate, differentiated instructional adjustments
  • Supports Common Core implementation efforts
  • Creates stronger teacher communities

Build Common Core Capacity

KLT: A powerful tool for building Common Core capacity

KLT strategies help teachers cultivate students’ ability to perform on rigorous new state standards, including those of the Common Core.

KLT is by far one of the most valuable things I’ve done to become a better teacher, and to achieve more learning in my classroom. It’s been so valuable to focus on the quality of our daily instruction, and it’s really helped guide us in making intentional decisions in our classroom and our lessons that benefit the kids the most.

Jennifer Losinski, Math Teacher and KLT Teacher Leader
Ashland Middle School, Oregon

KLT + MAP Interim Assessments

Our KLT program is MAP-friendly

Keep your students engaged and growing

MAP interim assessments complement KLT strategies

Using KLT embedded formative assessment strategies throughout the year helps keep your students engaged and growing—now amplify your efforts to increase every student’s achievement with Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) K – 12 computer adaptive interim assessments. Use MAP in fall, winter, and spring and receive real-time data that give you key insights into all your students’ instructional needs, helps you personalize instruction, and enables you to maximize growth for every student.


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