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Educators who use NWEA assessments and professional development (PD) services enjoy complimentary access to Destination PD, our online learning platform. You’ll find targeted, role-based resources that make it simple for your staff members to meet their professional learning goals in ways that make their busy lives better.

[Destination PD] provides our teachers and administrators differentiated professional learning opportunities. The flexibility, variety, and personalization enable us to increase direct outreach to staff members as we continue to implement MAP assessments.

Paul Richter, Superintendent of Schools,
Washoe Community School District, Assessment Department, Nevada

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Support diverse staff learning needs with targeted, role-based resources

Our convenient online professional learning helps schools and districts make the most of their investment in MAP, other NWEA assessments, and PD workshops. With an abundance of free resources plus optional paid courses, Destination PD is your one-stop shop for online learning from NWEA. Whether your staff members want to spend a few minutes with a refresher tutorial or immerse themselves in an hour-long course, any computer with internet access allows them to meet their professional learning goals.


See how Destination PD makes your busy life better

Destination PD resources support educators’ use of data to enhance students’ learning and growth—including learning how to use MAP to support implementation of rigorous state standards.

Destination PD Resources

Help all your students learn and grow

Accelerate every student’s academic success

If you want to help all your students learn and grow, then discover how Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) K – 12 computer adaptive interim assessments deliver key insights into all your students’ instructional needs, including high- and low-performing students, special needs students, and early learners. You’ll also receive growth and norms data that permit you to evaluate student achievement independent of grade, over time, and in relation to students across the U.S.


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