Data Coaching: data-driven education for better outcomes

Analyze, act, refine, grow: embed data-driven education throughout your district

Educators deserve professional development that takes their unique data challenges and opportunities into account. NWEA Data Coaching starts with helping you analyze a wide range of local data—including student records, examples of student work, and results from different types of assessment. Together, we’ll hone your strengths and work to construct and implement data-driven education plans focused on making a positive difference in student learning.

Data Coaching allows us to bring all staff together to talk about data specifically within OUR school's culture. The coach truly addressed the concerns and needs of our staff, while still moving us down the road to create a data-driven culture at our school.

Eileen Maddock, Teacher
Los Puentes Charter School, New Mexico

Quick Facts


Boost your team’s data confidence to benefit every student’s academic growth

Using quality assessment data effectively and consistently leads to better learning for all your students. Finding time for reflective activities that transform new learning into changed practices, though—that can be tough. Our data coaches quickly energize and empower your teams to move beyond common barriers to student learning.

Work with us to tailor a solution

NWEA Data Coaching emphasizes building on a school or district’s strengths. Choose from recommended topics or work with us to tailor a solution. Then invite your administrator teams, other leadership groups, or those handpicked to focus on a specific goal.

Proven Value

Go beyond the workshop

Protect the investment you’re making in assessment, data use, and professional development

Two decades of education efficacy studies show there’s immense value in providing educators with coaching support and follow-up after initial professional development.


Coaching Topics

NWEA Data Coaching: Recommended topics

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Your Data Coaching complement: MAP Foundation Series

MAP Foundations Series workshops help educators using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) K – 12 computer adaptive interim assessments connect their MAP data to a variety of needs—instructional, programming, and planning. Our mix and match offerings focus on helping all your staff access, understand, and apply your school or district’s data.


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