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We hope the NYSCOSS 2021 Fall Leadership Summit provided strategies and tools to help you plan for the back-to-school season and beyond.

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Strand 1:
Bringing Joy to the Superintendency

Why success depends on having the right mix of data—and how you use it

Strand 2:
Reimagining Education

3 ways to make the switch to grading for learning

Strand 3:
Social and Emotional Wellness Post-Pandemic

A step-by-step guide for using stress- and trauma-sensitive practices in your classroom

Strand 4:
Student Engagement

The importance of student self-assessment

Strand 5:
Diversity and Equity

Before the national outrage: Why young kids need to be taught about racism

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Quickly assess your pre-K–5 readers with MAP® Reading Fluency™. Our innovative new way to evaluate early reading enables teachers to efficiently measure oral reading fluency, foundational skills, and reading comprehension—with one 20-minute assessment. Group testing and automatic scoring return valuable instructional time to teachers. Available in English and Spanish.

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