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Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC)

1.25.2022 - 1.28.2022

NWEA Booth number: 2834

Join us for two learning sessions by NWEA experts:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022:  9:30 AM – 10:15 AM | Room:  SOUTH 310 A

Equitable Reading Practices with Technology Enhanced Assessments | Dr. Lynne Kulich, Early Learning Director

According to NAEP data, only 35% of fourth grade students, nationally, are reading at or above the proficient level.  Equity is a matter of text complexity, and these students need access, with appropriate scaffolding, to rich, complex text, instead of text below grade level.  MAP Reading Fluency is the only online oral reading assessment highlighting how much scaffolding a student needs in order to independently decode a text at grade level.  Join Dr. Kulich to discuss equitable practices and learn how NWEA leverages the MetaMetrics of Lexile oral reading measure so teachers can implement equitable reading practices for all students.

Thursday, January 27, 2022:  10:15 AM – 10:45 AM | Expo Booth 1802 TL Theater

Goal Setting:  Empowering Learners to Own Their Learning | Dr. Chase Nordengren, Sr. Research Scientist

A growing body of research shows how setting and working toward individual goals offer students the opportunity to take ownership over their own learning, relate what they’re studying to their long-term ambitions, and experience success regardless of how below or above grade level their current knowledge sits.  Educational technologies play a valuable role in goal setting by creating learning environments where students can reflect on their learning, receive scaffolded opportunities for practice, and differentiate learning activities in busy classrooms.  This session will make clear connections between the components of effective student goal setting and the educational technologies that can help teachers make this practice a reality.

We will be having a book signing for Chase’s new book right after his session in booth 2834.


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