Set skill acquisition on the right path from day one

Early childhood educators need an efficient way to assess students in the early years, sometimes before students can read or write. Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) uses audio and visuals to gain insights into student’s skill gaps.  When students provide an incorrect response, CPAA provides scaffolding to help kids learn.

CPAA helps you answer these key questions:

  • What is each student currently able to do and ready to learn?
  • Which skills are emerging?
  • How can we work with each student on specific skills, both in class and at home?

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CPAA Features

  • Assessment Type

    Computer adaptive skills assessment

  • Grade Range

    Pre-K–3 (English)

    Pre-K–2 (Spanish)

  • Subjects

    Early literacy

    Mathematics skill

  • Frequency

    3-9 times/year

  • Test Time

    Untimed, but a typical student completes both subjects in 20-30 minutes

Professional Learning

We personalize our workshops to help teachers master management of any NWEA assessment at their own pace both onsite and online.

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Support When You Need It

Find CPAA technical support 24/7 through our online community or reach our technical staff via phone.

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