Chase Nordengren, PhD

Sr. Research Scientist

Chase Nordengren, PhD is a Sr. Research Scientist at NWEA, where he supports the Professional Learning team. His research includes the development and execution of needs assessment and program evaluation services for partners; supporting school improvement processes; and thought leadership on formative assessment and student goal setting practices. With insatiable curiosity, Chase works closely with leading scholars from around the globe—including Thomas Guskey, PhD—turning theory into actionable practices to drive instructional improvement.

He received a PhD in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations in K-12 Systems from the University of Washington as a US Department of Education Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) pre-doctoral fellow.

Featured Resource Center publications

White Paper

Focusing Squarely on Students: A Theory of Change for NWEA Professional Learning
Every professional learning provider should be able to clearly articulate their theory of change: the relationship between their offerings and improvements in learning for students. Here’s ours.


Why do we grade?
The pandemic revealed stark flaws in traditional grading protocols and simultaneously presented a profound opportunity for actual change. What should educators, families, and society in general consider around why change is needed and where to begin?


Empower teachers with tailor made professional learning
We want our PL to apply to practice, and that requires a partnership, where educators also come ready to learn, ready to be challenged, and ready to start thinking about instruction differently.”


Working Smart: An action plan for school restart
Join researchers Dr. Chase Nordengren and Dr. Nate Jensen to learn how MAP Growth can help support fall 2020 school restart plans

Journal Article

“No fun games”: Engagement effects of two gameful assessment prototypes
Assessments with features of games propose to address student motivation deficits common in traditional assessments. This study examines the impact of two “gameful assessment” prototypes on student engagement and teacher perceptions among 391 Grades 3–7 students and 14 teachers in one Midwestern and one Northwestern school.
Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 50(2) 134-148.

Featured industry journal publications

These articles were published outside of NWEA.

Journal Article

Chart a Clear Course (Oct 2020)
Nordengren, C., & Guskey, T. R. (2020). Chart a clear course: Evaluation is key to building better, more relevant learning. The Learning Professional.

Journal Article

Development and validation of a survey on outcomes of professional learning (Dec 2020)
Nordengren, C. R. (2020). Development and validation of a survey on outcomes of professional learning. Professional Development in Education.

Journal Article

Goal-setting practices that support a learning culture (July 2019)
Nordengren, C. (2019). Goal-setting practices that support a learning culture. Phi Delta Kappan, 101(1), 18–23.

Journal Article

Starting the Conversation About Alternative Grading Systems
Nordengren, C. (2021). Starting the Conversation About Alternative Grading Systems. Edutopia,

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