Top 5 Trending Tips on NWEA Connection

Top 5 Trending Tips on NWEA Connection - TLG-IMG-01292019As winter testing continues or wraps up (for some of you), we know that our NWEA partners are looking for helpful resources about testing and reports. And, every so often, we also like to make sure our Teach. Learn. Grow. blog readers know what’s new over on our user community, NWEA Connection.

Recently, community managers created a popular feature called, “Tip of the Week.” We scoured the Tips of the Week to find the five most popular and gathered them here for you!

Tip #1: The MAP Home Page vs Professional Learning Online.

NWEA Professional Learning facilitator Amanda Johnson writes: “The first question many new partners ask is, ‘What is the difference between the MAP Testing Site and Professional Learning Online?’. It’s an important distinction to make early on to ensure everyone is clear where to go for what.” Check out her post to understand the main purpose of each site.

Tip #2: New Student Resources!

This is a short post by Danielle Kerns to let everyone know about the new Student Resources site for MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2 users. The site features warm-up videos, practice tests, and more. You can read her tip about easing test anxiety here, or visit the Students Resources site directly.

Tip #3: Student Profile Report

Tweet: Top 5 Trending Tips on NWEA Connection #MAPGrowth #MAPtest #edchatIf you have finished testing, then you will definitely want to read this short tip that explains what to find in the Student Profile Report. Danielle Kerns writes, “Teachers can quickly determine how each student is doing compared to the national normative data, growth over time, if they are on track for their state summative test, college readiness, and accessing a list of instructional areas of strength, areas of relative focus, etc.” Read her post here.

Tip #4: MAP Reports and User Roles

Our fourth tip also provides guidance on reports. Danielle Kerns notes that when testing wraps up, “It’s time to take a look at all of your students’ hard work! Your report access is defined by your MAP roles in the system.” Find two helpful resources for accessing reports and knowing which report to look for in her short post here.

Tip #5: Quick References!

Many MAP users have bookmarked this post to find links to printable, quick reference guides related to proctoring, reports, and much more. You’ll want to check it out!

Check out the Tips of the Week, and stay tuned for more helpful testing resources from our community!