Do Your Assessments Measure Up When It Comes To Equity?

Do Your Assessments Measure Up When It Comes To Equity? - TLG-IMG-03192019At NWEA, our mission is simple, but vast: Partnering to help all kids learn. As a not-for-profit organization, we have the ability not only to believe in the mission, but to invest in it and act on it by creating assessments that serve as many students as possible.

That’s why we built our signature suite of assessments—the MAP Suite—to be inclusive and equitable.

Are your assessments inclusive? Do they offer the languages, subjects, grades, and accommodations you need to reach your students? Read our checklist to see how your assessments measure up.

The MAP® Suite is a K-12 assessment system that’s all about supporting growth for every student. This collection of purpose-built measures illuminates every student’s learning needs, helping teachers to target instruction and administrators to make well-informed decisions.

Here are just a few of the things the MAP Suite can do:

  • Tweet: Do Your Assessments Measure Up When It Comes To Equity? #edchat #education #MAPSuite #assessmentsMAP Spanish is included at no extra cost with MAP Growth and MAP Reading Fluency—to best serve the 4.8 million English language learners in US public schools—nearly 80% of whom speak Spanish.
  • MAP Growth includes embedded accommodations and universal features—like text-to-speech—and MAP Growth is accessible with screen readers and refreshable braille to support students with unique learning needs.
  • The MAP Suite of K-12 assessments is linked to many external curriculum resources providing next steps for all grades and subjects.
  • The MAP Suite covers Science, including Next Generation Science Standards, and course-specific high school math.

We are committed to giving teachers the information they need to help all students—because all students deserve the same opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Educators agree that assessments are powerful tools for teaching and learning when they’re purposeful, instructionally aligned, and tied to relevant outcomes—and inclusive of the diverse learners in your student population. Do your assessments measure up? Download the checklist to discover more.


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