One principal shares 3 ways to #ThankATeacher

One principal shares 3 ways to #ThankATeacher - TLG-IMG-05102018National Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, and wait, what?? It is when??

While it is true that no student goes to school to fail, it also true that no teacher comes in front of their children to be mediocre. If you have not yet planned how to celebrate the best and brightest on the front line of your classrooms, have no fear!

While a staff lunch or a trinket is nice, what our school teams really want and deserve is to know they are sincerely valued and respected, and that you, their administrator, appreciates their best efforts.

Here are 3 stress-free ways to celebrate your teachers and build on your vision while showing them how much you respect their passion:

1. Reward what you want to see more of

Use a personalized email, postcard, or note to give a shout out to each teacher. Be strategic, make it meaningful and specific, and do yourself a favor – be honest!

  • I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your diligence on student growth. I noticed that your 2nd period Mathematics class had the highest percentage of overall Growth for the entire 5th Grade in the Spring MAP Growth administration. Kudos to you and your class!
  • It has not gone unnoticed that your class had 95% participation in their student lead Spring Portfolio conferences – that is awesome! Thank you for your commitment to our students and vision for collaboration.

2. Broadcast your news LOUD

Send a daily message via email or over the PA that specifically outlines what you appreciate about your team. Trust me this will go a long way for morale and team building (and be sure to leave out any “buts”).

  • Tweet: One principal shares 3 ways to #ThankATeacher #TAW #TeacherAppreciationWeek #Teachers #ThankATeacher @MacburyKristina Today’s Teacher Appreciation Shout-Out is to our amazing MAP Growth Testing Team, Ms. M, Mr. B, and Dr. K who spent countless days throughout this school year making sure that our Testing schedule created minimum disruption, maximum student flexibility, and seamless communication. Our testing team is one of the reasons our school is realizing the success we are and I know you will join me in giving them a great, big thank you, I appreciate you, and high-five when you see them and know, like the rest of our school team, they are always working with your success in mind.
  • Or, go global and Tweet a picture or two of you and your finest teachers.
    • Remember to use the hashtag #ThankATeacher
    • Use free, downloadable certificates from the PTA or NEA:

3. Deliver your message to their “stomach”

Nothing says love and appreciation like an administrator scooping ice cream or delivering soft pretzels, and adding a genuine “I appreciate you!” Stop on the way in and pick up water ice or ice cream or soft pretzels, and grab a cart when you get to the office. Don’t forget a scoop, cups, and mustard. It really doesn’t matter what you pick up – the personalized, door-to-door delivery is what will make your message heard and felt.

To all our educators lending their talents, passions, and skills in the development of our children on their educational journey… Thank you, I appreciate you, and I respect you and value all that you do!