New eBook – A Better Way to Assess Oral Reading Fluency

We’re happy to share a new, FREE eBook – A Better Way to Assess Oral Reading Fluency. Learning to read is such a major milestone for early learners and sets the foundation for all future learning. As young kids develop reading fluency, they typically move toward greater and greater comprehension of what they read.

Tweet: New eBook – A Better Way to Assess Oral Reading Fluency #edchat #education #readingfluencyBut not all kids have enough of what they need to get to reading comprehension. Some kids have strong phonics and word recognition skills, but fail to comprehend. Others show solid, insightful comprehension when you read TO them, but struggle in comprehending what they read on their own. So, what can teachers do?

Our eBook starts by diving into where teachers can start – with a healthy understanding of the three key elements of reading fluency – rate, accuracy, and prosody. And, it’s not all about words correct per minute (WCPM). Oral reading fluency is a key indicator of reading proficiency, but it has some issues as it’s currently implemented. One of these is that there are kids who are getting the wrong message about reading – that reading faster is reading better.

NWEA expert Cindy Jiban, PhD, shares what’s wrong with the current reading assessment model and how a better solution can actually return precious instructional time to teachers. Enter MAP® Reading Fluency™, the first and only K–3 computer-adaptive oral reading fluency assessment using speech recognition technology with automatic scoring.

The 20-minute assessment of oral reading fluency, comprehension, and foundational reading skills is delivered online, enabling group administration and saving teachers hours of time. At NWEA, we’re excited to bring this new K–3 oral reading assessment to educators because it helps address many early reading assessment challenges.

Download the FREE eBook A Better Way to Assess Oral Reading Fluency today by following the link below:


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