MAP Growth Data Drives an Instructional Connections Success Story

MAP Growth Data Drives an Instructional Connections Success Story - TLG-IMG-01112018One of the questions we often hear from teachers is, “Okay, I have my student assessment data. Now what?” With this in mind, we created the Instructional Connections program at NWEA. It lets popular, supplemental instruction tools use MAP® Growth™ data to create individual learning paths for each student. One such example of this program can be seen with Odysseyware.

NWEA and Odysseyware work together to integrate MAP Growth assessment results with the customized, flexible K–12 Math, Reading Language Arts curriculum and instructional tools that Odysseyware offers online. Designed to meet the needs of 21st century learning environments and students, Odysseyware incorporates rich multimedia, dynamic learning activities, direct instruction videos, virtual laboratories, and multiple embedded instructional supports into its award-winning instructional content.

Here’s how MAP Growth and Odysseyware can work together. West Point Independent School District in West Point, Kentucky, uses non-traditional instruction days (NTI), along with Odysseyware and data from MAP Growth, to provide additional support and enhance the learning experience. Students use Odysseyware three days per week for at least 30 minutes at a time. It has been instrumental in helping students with math and language arts – depending on grade level. The results speak for themselves.2017 Teachers of the Year - Leading from the Classroom - Podcasts

The mean MAP Growth RIT scores for grade six, from fall to spring, rose almost 14 points in math, six points in language arts, and 10 points in reading. Odysseyware with MAP Growth data helped identify students that were struggling academically. These students were then prescribed individualized learning paths to meet their needs. The first full year of using Odysseyware with MAP Growth data at West Point was a success!

For more information on using different instructional resources with MAP Growth data, check out our Instructional Connections program or read the full case study on West Point Independent School District here.