Teacher-Parent Collaboration: Ideas and Resources on Getting the Most from MAP Growth

Teacher-Parent Collaboration: Ideas and Resources on Getting the Most from MAP Growth - TLG-IMG-12072017The data that the MAP® Growth interim assessment provides teachers is rich and highly personalized for each student. This data provides valuable insights that show where each student is in their learning, where they’re headed, and how the teacher can best help them get there. The data also provides teachers with opportunities to partner more closely with parents. Earlier this year my colleague Joi Converse wrote a post in the NWEA Community – Tag-Teaming MAP Results with Parents – that received over 11,000 views, which tells us teachers are thirsty for ideas on how to leverage MAP Growth data in their parent communication strategies.

The four ideas below are a great way to get parents confident in their understanding of MAP Growth and how teachers can best tag-team a plan for their student’s success.

  1. First, direct parents to a dedicated NWEA parents’ page, designed to demystify MAP Growth and answer questions. It includes a very helpful video to explain the intent behind MAP testing.
  2. Advocate for your school to have a MAP night. A presentation on common vocabulary and an explanation of the test (here’s one that we made) alleviates confusion and explains the ultimate purpose of the test: to get student-level data to tailor instruction to their specific needs. Community Consolidated School District 181 even filmed theirs for parents who could not attend!
  3. Tweet: Teacher-Parent Collaboration: Ideas and Resources on Getting the Most from MAP Growth https://ctt.ec/5cwTJ+ #edchat #MAPGrowthFor a more personal option, consider sharing an orientation video that you make yourself and post it to YouTube for parents who wish to watch at home. Consider including automatic subtitles (in the original language or a translated version!) for increased accessibility.
  4. You can always post a link to or embed the Parent’s Guide to MAP!

Teach. Learn. Grow. also has some blog posts that teachers might want to bookmark when it comes to MAP Growth and parental communication. Here are some to consider:

Communication and collaboration; these two skills are critical for all teachers. The ideas and resources above can help teachers collaborate with parents on MAP Growth results to build a plan for student success.


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