NWEA Connection Resources – Communicating About MAP Growth to Students and Parents

Communicating about MAP Growth to students and parents Communication and collaboration; these two skills are critical for all teachers. Whether communicating with students or fellow faculty or collaborating with peers, teachers must hone these skills for success. These skills also come into play when it comes to speaking with students and parents about testing, and we’ve put together some great assets to help in this endeavor.

Head on over to NWEA Connection, our partner community, and you’ll find a helpful discussion thread – Communicating About Testing with Students and Parents. As the fall testing period for MAP Growth is upon us, these tips can come in handy. Here’s a quick recap:

There are also some great blog posts here at Teach. Learn. Grow. that we’ve compiled over the years that have tips on communicating about MAP Growth. Here are some of our favorites:

One of the great benefits of MAP Growth and its data is that it can help teachers make assessment personal with test results that can help identify each student’s unique learning strengths and challenges. Communicating these results with students and parents is a big part of the MAP Growth equation and one that can help the data work even harder.