Media Spotlight: MAP Growth Teacher Featured in Hechinger Report

Media SpotlightToday, our Media Spotlight shines on teacher Sarah Beachkofsky at partner district Beaufort County School District in South Carolina. Beachkofsky, an eighth-grade English language arts teacher at Hilton Head Island Middle School, wrote a column for Hechinger Report about how she uses MAP Growth data with her students.

In the article, Beachkofsky writes about the impact of Hurricane Matthew at the beginning of the school year. Her students missed several weeks of school, returned shaken and distracted, and Beachkofsky and her peers had to find a way to keep them on track.

She writes in the story:

“Our job of teaching them became even more important — we couldn’t let our kids fall even farther behind, especially with a shorter-than-usual school year. So, as I do every year, I took a look under the hood and reviewed my students’ scores on the MAP Growth assessment from the previous year.”

She goes on to write about how she uses MAP Growth results to engage students in their learning and communicate with parents. Measuring a year of growth, in Beachkofsky’s view, gives students an opportunity to celebrate their success. She writes:

“As a teacher, there is nothing more reaffirming than celebrating students’ growth with them – and knowing that we did it together.”

You can read the full story or learn more about MAP Growth in South Carolina here.