Media Spotlight: Kathy Dyer Featured in EdCircuit

Media SpotlightToday, our Media Spotlight shines on our own Kathy Dyer, a Senior Professional Development Specialist for NWEA and a frequent contributor here on Teach Learn Grow. Kathy has been in education for more than 20 years and is often called upon to share her expertise in formative assessment.

Recently, Kathy became a regular writer for EdCircuit, a platform for education news and thought leadership. In her latest article, Assessment = Opportunity, she writes about a different perspective on assessment – one in which students are not stressed to show what they know, but instead excited for the opportunity.

She writes in the piece about how one teacher made this transition with her students:

“The integration of formative instructional practices and developing assessment literacy in her students were key elements in this transformation. For me, this was a bit of a mental dance. The partners I ended up with in my mind were growth mindset and assessment literacy.”

She goes on to write about what she means by “feedback from assessment that moves learning forward” and about “building a culture of learning that views assessment as a support for learning with structures and strategies built into the classroom culture to cultivate and build a growth mindset.”

You can read her full article here and follow Kathy on Twitter at @kdyer13.


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