Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Spring Testing

Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Spring TestingKathy Dyer wrote a blog about the Seven things to consider in preparing for MAP. Building on her good thinking, and in preparation for spring testing we worked with our partner support team to provide answers to common questions at the beginning of testing season.

  1. What kind of information can we send home to parents? It’s great to have parents invested in the growth of their children. In the Educator Help Center we have letters intended for parents in both English and Spanish. These letters give a brief overview of MAP and how it supports individualized growth. On our website there is also a section that is dedicated to providing Resources for Parents that includes a Parent Toolkit (also in Spanish).
  2. What are the best reports for end of year? The Projected Proficiency Summary report is good place to start. It helps teachers clearly see how their students progressed throughout the year, predict proficiency on state standards, and college readiness – all top priorities as you start to get toward the end of the school year. Go to our website to learn more about the reports we offer.
  3. Which students still need to be tested?  How do I find out? The Test History Search will allow you to find which students have suspended or not started testing. To access this report you will need to be assigned as a proctor. For other rostering questions go to the Roster and Data Help Center (login required).
  4. Where do I find the Norm and State info? Educators use the RIT Scale Norms to compare students’ achievement status and changes in growth within the same grade level. MAP Normative Data for 2015 can be found on our website. If you have not yet transitioned to 2015 norms you can refer to the 2011 MAP Normative Data. On our website you can also see state specific information by clicking on the tab labeled “Where are you located?”.
  5. proficiency-projections

  6. What accessibility and accommodations features does MAP have? The test aid available for MAP and MPG is the highlighter tool. In addition, we provide “item aids” which appear on appropriate items only. The item aid available for MAP is the calculator tool. We will continually add new test and item aids to our assessments as appropriate. To learn more go to our Accessibility and Accommodations FAQ.

We hope that this post has been helpful and has energized you to finish out this school year strong. If you have any further questions please contact Partner Support at 877-469-3287 or online.


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