Media Spotlight: Using Skills Navigator at El Dorado Middle School

Media Spotlight: Using Skills Navigator at El Dorado Middle SchoolToday, our Media Spotlight shines on a partner in Kansas, where the Butler County Times-Gazette reported on how El Dorado Middle School teachers are using Skills Navigator® to differentiate instruction, especially for Title I students. Two math teachers and two of their students from the middle school told the local Board of Education how they use Skills Navigator to group students together with similar learning needs and attempt to measure skills mastery.

From the story:

LuAnne Vides [a teacher] stressed that [she] and her colleagues have always been seeking ways to further understand what their students know and don’t know.

“We have always struggled with what to teach and how to figure out whether they have mastered it,” she said. “We were kind of grasping at straws. This program has helped us narrow our focus and have data behind our decisions.”

Teacher Linette Liby also noted in the article:

“What do you do with 140 children that you know have deficits, but they’re all different?” Liby asked the board. “On one end of the spectrum, we have the perfect scenario of one teacher per student. On the other spectrum we don’t do anything. We are somewhere in the middle.”

Principal Karla King also told the board that using Skills Navigator “…had resulted in marked improvements in student performance in the middle school.”

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