Living the Mission: Warm Toes and Warm Hearts

Living the Mission

Our headquarters are located within the Old Town neighborhood of downtown Portland. It is a great location for a variety of reasons: food trucks, Japanese gardens, waterfront walking and biking, easy access to events and festivals, etc. However, you don’t have to go far to realize that this area is also inhabited by our city’s homeless. We see them every day, and they are, in a sense, our neighbors.

This population of people can be intimidating and scary for some, but one NWEA Account Executive, Holly Rasche, chose to look past those initial feelings and found a small way to meet their needs. For at least a year, Holly has had a sock box outside her cubicle. Employees are encouraged to drop off pairs of socks of any kind. (As you can see from the picture, there’s a love of owls in our office!) Once the box is full, Holly gathers a team to canvas our neighborhood, handing them out. It may seem like a small gesture, but when you’re outside, laying on the ground, with very little to keep you warm, a pair of socks could truly make a difference. In addition, the team that distributes these socks have the privilege of not just meeting physical needs but bringing a bit of warmth to the heart of a neighbor that has fallen on hard times.

Thank you Holly, for encouraging all of us to live the mission out loud!