Dream Big with Oregon Rising

Oregon RisingIt’s not every day that you get to imagine the education you want for kids and actively discuss how you would improve schools for students in your community. If money were no object, what would you do? Add more art, PE, or music? Make the day longer, add more teachers? What would your top priorities be?

At NWEA, we had the chance to participate together as part of an Oregon Rising event. This was a great opportunity for our Oregon staff – many of whom have taught in Oregon schools or who have kids in Oregon schools – to engage in a lively discussion about the state of Oregon schools and then to dream big about what schools should be in our home state.

Oregon Rising is a state-wide campaign sponsored by the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators (superintendents and principals), Oregon Education Association (educators and teachers) and Oregon School Boards Association (board members of districts, education service districts, community colleges and charter schools). Together, they are asking communities all over the state to gather and dream big about what Oregonians want for their children and their schools.

The results of the campaign will not only be shared with all who participate, but also used to formulate a plan for Oregon schools and share that plan with the 2017 Oregon legislative session.

So what would your dream for Oregon schools be? More than 11,000 Oregonians added their voices to the survey, and this fall, you can see the results. In the meantime, learn about the Oregon Rising engagement project with these two short videos.

Our thanks to Craig Hawkins and all of the Oregon Rising sponsors for an inspiring conversation, and for raising the bar on what community engagement looks like, and can accomplish. We look forward to continuing this discussion and hearing the results of the campaign.