Why You Use and Trust MAP?

Friendship Education Foundation operates two schools in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools. Our two campuses are identified as turnaround schools in our state. Turnaround schools are identified based on the urgency to close the achievement gap for students and the need to institute innovative, research-based efforts to swiftly improve teaching and learning. Raising the instructional bar for students begins with teachers knowing where they are. Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) is the best tool for teachers to gauge students’ abilities, provides clear instructional next steps, and sets growth goals for teachers and students to reach.

Having an assessment that shows student growth is essential

Why You Use and Trust MAP?MAP is research-based and provides the validity and reliability school leaders and teams need to make strategic and focused decisions about student strengths and needs. Since instituting MAP in our campuses, teachers and leaders are pleased with the easy administration and immediate student data reports. Students and families are able to use the reports to set personal learning goals and objectives. School leaders are also elated that MAP provides the individualized data for students that help teachers strategically plan, group children for focused support, and better align interventions with student needs.

The best part about our transition to MAP is the confidence in the results and the accuracy it provides in student outcomes. Having an assessment that shows student growth is essential. With MAP, teachers no longer struggle to decide which test should be administered for students or have to implement multiple assessments to determine how students are progressing. We are proud to say the achievement gap is closing in our schools thanks to the precise reporting and highly reliable results with MAP.

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