Sharing Skills Navigator at ISTE

NWEA product manager Nadya Boone shares Skills Navigator with ISTE attendeesWhat an exciting time this has been for those of us who believe in the power of great information to transform outcomes for students. NWEA has a team at the ISTE 2015 conference and we’re sharing our newest offering, Skills Navigator with attendees – and the response has been energizing to say the least!

If you’re not yet familiar with Skills Navigator, here are the basics. It is a web-based K-8 formative assessment tool designed to be quickly and easily used in the classroom – and it helps teachers identify needed skills or check for mastery of them, assign instructional resources, and monitor progress for RTI programs.

It’s built on a proprietary skills framework developed by our research team to meet a critical need: unlocking the skills that roll up into the more rigorous college and career readiness standards such as the Common Core. Measuring the standards gives you a good sense of where students are, but doesn’t tell you the precise skill they need to work on to grow. That’s where Skills Navigator comes in.

If MAP offers you a “zip code” view of your students’ learning, Skills Navigator helps identify the exact street address where kids either need support or enrichment.

Skills Navigator has two forms of quick assessment built in:

  • Skills Locators are short adaptive assessments that identify student acquisition of specific college- and career-readiness skills.
  • Mastery Checks are fixed-form assessments that help confirm whether students have mastered particular skills.

Skills Navigator also makes it easy to close the loop between assessment and instruction. Curated by Knovation using a 127-point certification process, the digital resources integrated with Skills Navigator enable teachers to immediately and seamlessly assign differentiated instruction that helps every student grow.

So if you’re attending ISTE, we hope you’ll stop by booth 2334 to learn more – and if not, we’re happy to talk with you about it anytime. Give us a call at 866-654-3246.