Putting Assessment to Work to Inform Powerful Instruction

Putting Assessment to Work to Inform Powerful InstructionAssessment can make a profound contribution to helping all kids learn. But for any test to make a real difference for student learning, it must be built with integrity. Assessing students with a rigorous, research-based tool can yield insights that help teachers differentiate instruction for every student at the right time—allowing each individual to learn and grow.

A truly useful assessment must begin by meeting students where they are – regardless of grade level assignment. In addition, crucial assessment components must be built with integrity to yield actionable data that helps educators deliver the right instruction for each student, understand trends in performance, and adjust resources to meet needs as they evolve.

Assessments developed with integrity are powerful tools that support educators and students in learning. Our goal at NWEA is to deliver assessments that educators can rely on to provide the powerful data they need to help every student grow. A number of NWEA staff from our research, academic services, and professional development teams created a comprehensive eBook designed to help educators understand how assessments are created, what it means to have assessment integrity, and why this is important when measuring student achievement and growth. The eBook includes the following sections:

  • Meeting students where they are
  • The need for Norms
  • Making sense of standard error of measurement
  • Measuring growth with a stable scale
  • How deep is the pool – and why does it matter?
  • Measuring growth right
  • Data that are actionable
  • Assessment just right

Each section of the eBook is authored by many of our bloggers here at Teach. Learn. Grow. including Jean Fleming, John Wood, Nate Jensen, Nicole Zdeb, April Roethel, and Kristin Moran. Download this free eBook at https://www.nwea.org/resources/assessments-with-integrity-ebook/