NWEA Interim Assessments to Help Colorado League of Charter Schools

NWEA Interim Assessments to Help Colorado League of Charter SchoolsLast week, THE Journal announced that the Colorado League of Charter Schools has partnered with us in their effort to improve student assessment at charter schools across the state of Colorado. In particular, they will be utilizing:

In addition to utilizing our educational assessment tools, we will be holding a lunch and learn gathering in January and leading a topic presentation at their annual conference in February designed to help their educators make the most of these tools and the data they provide.

Our educational assessments help educators answer that all important question – Are my students learning? The real-time assessment data that they provide can help educators:

  • Differentiate instruction for every student
  • Pinpoint intervention and enrichment needs
  • Accelerate students’ academic growth and achievement
  • Maximize classroom instructional time, staff resources, and budget
  • Target instructional and professional development time and resources

As Nora Flood, President of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, stated in the article:

Our partnership gives charter schools greater access to instructional tools such as the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) interim assessment that will further support quality instruction and improve student learning.

Needless to say, we’re excited about this partnership and the opportunity that it will ultimately provide the charter school students in Colorado, and look forward to the upcoming school year!