Ta-Da! Meet Skills Navigator – the Newest Member of the NWEA Assessment Suite

Ta-Da! Meet Skills Navigator – the Newest Member of the NWEA Assessment SuiteAt NWEA, we believe that K12 assessment has the most impact when it’s an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. So, for nearly 40 years, we’ve been driven to find better and better ways to help teachers, administrators, and all concerned with student learning understand where students are struggling, where they’re ready to soar, and how that information can be used to help drive amazing growth for all students.

In the last few years, our users – partners, to us – have asked us to provide more frequent information on student progress. And, while we’re at it, could we also help them get a more granular picture of the actual skills students need support on to meet the expectations of rigorous college- and career-readiness standards that have been adopted in most states.

Well, we like a challenge. So in response to these requests, we are proud to introduce Skills Navigator™, our newest assessment tool.

We asked ourselves:

  • How can teachers identify the specific skills students have mastered and those that they’re still working on – and which ones are needed to succeed in particular standards?
  • What’s the most streamlined and engaging way to assess student progress on a regular basis?
  • How can we connect teachers and students to high-quality instructional resources targeted to individual student needs?

Skills Navigator is an online classroom assessment system for grades K-8 that quickly and accurately measures student skills in math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language usage. Skills Navigator is designed to give a “power boost” to your teaching, helping to:

  • Identify the skills students are ready to learn
  • Collect evidence of skill learning
  • Monitor student progress toward mastery
  • Provide resources to meet students’ individual needs

Skills Navigator includes two tools—Skills Locators and Mastery Checks—that quickly and regularly assess student progress towards mastery of more than 1,000 discrete skills. Skills Locators are short, adaptive assessments that identify student acquisition of specific college- and career-readiness skills. Mastery Checks are fixed-form assessments that help confirm whether students have mastered particular skills.

Closing the Assessment-Instruction Loop

Learning READY ResourceWe didn’t stop there. We also helped teachers answer the “what now?” question once they identified what skills they need to work on. Skills Navigator connects students directly with targeted, rigorous online learning opportunities powered by high-quality, standards-aligned Open Educational Resources (OER). Curated by Knovation using a 127-point certification process, the digital resources integrated with Skills Navigator enable teachers to immediately and seamlessly assign differentiated instruction that helps every student grow. Knovation curates and maintains a dynamic collection of more than 360,000 standards-aligned OER—available in a range of different formats and at a variety of levels. Knovation has been trusted by 1.3 million teachers (and 33 million students!) for 15 years. We could not be more thrilled about this partnership.

Stay tuned for another sneak peek into Skills Navigator, when we’ll discuss the innovative skills framework and student engagement features that make this a true assessment for learning.