Ideas for Decorating Your Classroom this Season

We have mentioned a few times our fondness for Pinterest as a great online tool to see what fellow teachers are doing in their classrooms. Given the season and the opportunity it offers to get those creative juices flowing, below are some of our favorite Fall/Autumn and Halloween themed decorations.

1. Here is a very fun Minion inspired NWEA bulletin board:


2. MATH bulletin board – Trick or treat on odd and even street:


3. Wrap your door like a MUMMY:


4. A very cheerful MAP data wall can brighten up your classroom this fall:


5. Inspire your students poetry writing with this Bio Poem bulletin board idea:


6. This Turning a New Leaf board gave freshman students the opportunity to answer the question, “Starting today, what can you change and stick to that will change the rest of your year?”


7. Here is one more that is just a “treat” and so cute: Owls from Paper Bags


Let us know what you’re doing in your classroom or school by posting pictures on Facebook and/or responding to us on Twitter, @NWEA.