Explore. Evolve. Energize. Fusion West Takeaways

Fusion WestDuring this past week hundreds of our partners joined us in Portland, OR for Fusion West. It was such a wonderful time! There were obvious connections happening everywhere between those who have been using our products for years and those who are new partners. Participants were eager to learn and share.

Our CEO, Matt Chapman, kicked off the event by sharing NWEA’s updated vision: NWEA positively transforms education to accelerate growth and mastery for each student. He encouraged participants to explore all the ways MAP® could enable them to support the growth of their students. In addition, they were invited to learn how NWEA is evolving our assessment offerings to include Skills Navigator®.

The keynote speaker for the day was Ron Clark, former Disney Educator of the Year and co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy. It would be an understatement to say that he single handedly brought the energy to the entire conference. The audience was very engaged and greatly enjoyed his obvious passion for educating students in creative and inspiring ways. Here are just few tweets that do a better job of showing the impact Ron had:

“Ron Clark just rocked the #NWEA room! ENERGY and EXCELLENCE. NICE!”

“Be nice to people. Simple wisdom from Ron Clark.”

“As teachers, if we never share ideas, we’re never going to improve.”

“Thank you Ron Clark for reigniting my passion for education and LIFE! Follow your heart.”

You can read more Fusion West tweets at #nweafusion.

The following day we had a very thought provoking keynote from Margaret Heritage, Senior Scientist at WestEd. She closed the conference by reminding teachers to use assessment continuously, “minute-by-minute, day-by-day.” Margaret gave practical advice on how to incorporate her version of the feedback loop (pictured below):

Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop | Source: Margaret Heritage

One of the more memorable quotes from her presentation was the question, “How can we expect kids to be responsible for their learning if we don’t involve them in the process?” This statement emphasized once again the importance of establishing a classroom environment that encourages every person in the room to participate in shaping the learning process. Students and teachers will both see benefit from their collaboration.

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