Employee Spotlight – Living the mission one call at a time!

Patty DorseyAt NWEA, employees take a lot of pride in not just knowing but living the mission. Our Partner Support team exemplifies this attitude by doing their best to support our partners, one call at a time. In many ways they are the heroes of our organization. Our front line responders that take whatever issues that come their way and will find the best solution to solve them!

I had the privilege of interviewing one of these heroes, Patty Dorsey, an employee at NWEA for eight years. Hope you enjoy learning a bit more about one of the people on the other end of our partner support line.

What is your title and role here at NWEA?

  • I am a Sr. Partner Support Specialist. In my role, I offer support to external and internal partners. This means, I take incoming calls and mentor other Partner Support team members. In addition, there are times when I work on special projects and data operational repairs. Basically, I do a little of everything!

Describe a typical day.

  • There’s no “typical” day. During heavy testing periods I may answer calls for the majority of the time. Other days I could be training team members or reviewing case notes and templates to ensure consistency. I truly learn something every day!

Who was your favorite – or most memorable – teacher and why?

  • Conte, in 5th grade, was my most memorable because he was my first male teacher. I remember that he was really progressive and out of the box. One example is that he regularly divided his classroom into those students who were self-motivated and could work on their own, and students who needed a little more help. Mr. Conte also brought his daughter into the class especially for fun projects like making ice cream while going over measurements.

Tell me about a favorite book from your childhood.

  • I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. I’m sure that I read every single one! The mystery, fearlessness and curiosity was so much fun.

What’s the most unusual or interesting experience you’ve had/place you’ve traveled?

  • In 1988, I was able to attend the Calgary, Alberta, Olympics. I saw the Jamaican bobsled team crash.

What words do you live by?

  • Live Authentically – be true to who you are.

If you could do one thing to make sure all kids learn, what would it be?

  • I would do my best to support their teachers. When I receive a call and I’m able to give them the information they need, it means I took one less thing off their plate. In that way I help all kids learn.

Tell me something that inspires AWE in you?

  • Currently, my husband and I are living in a house boat on the river. I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds us every day. I regularly take pictures of the sunsets.
Marina View - Sunset

Picture by Patty Dorsey

There is much more that could be shared about Patty and the high level of expertise, humor and kindness she brings to work every day. One of our partners recently reached out to Patty’s supervisor and had the following things to say about her:

All of your staff are great whenever we call. Patty though was so patient and had all the answers while we were going through our transition.” ~MN Partner

Thank you Patty for all that you do!