Back to School Resources – Yes it’s that time!

Back to School Resources – Yes it’s that time!There is a buzz in the air! If you haven’t felt it yet, you soon will. It’s hard to avoid reminders like the dancing antics of overly enthusiastic students excited about their trendy new clothes or school supplies. As a proud “Alaskan Grown” woman this time of year usually consisted of a two hour road trip to the nearest city, Fairbanks, to shop for everything we needed for the new school year. Usually our fashion choices were outdated since it always took longer for trends to hit the shelves of our department stores compared to those in the lower 48 states.

Throughout the years our Teach.Learn.Grow team has put together blogs that help partners get ready for the school year. Here are just a few that you should check out:

First Year Implementing MAP? Hear Educators’ 6 Tips for Success – Veteran MAP users share their best tips for educators just starting out with MAP.

Six Best Practices When Proctoring Web-based MAP Assessments – Tips on how to best set the tone for the assessment experience.

Ten Questions to Ask about Norms – What exactly are norms and why should educators care?

Putting Assessment to Work to Inform Powerful Instruction – Introduces a comprehensive eBook that helps educators understand how assessments are created, what it means to have assessment integrity, and why this is important when measuring student growth.

Personalized Learning Approaches Work – MAP Can Help – Highlights the personalized learning tools that work well with MAP data: Learning Continuum, Khan Academy, RIT to Resource.

Ready, Set, STOP! – Has suggestions for improving the Head Start program.

Fuel for Thought – Seven Education Tools and Resources to Help Teachers Plan – Want to hit the ground running? Check out these useful tools and resources.

Classroom Contracts – Building a Culture of Student-Centric Learning – Ideas for setting up a classroom environment that ultimately supports the fact that students are the ones that have to learn.

Growing the List: 50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success – One of our most popular blogs that continues to grow. Definitely worth bookmarking and/or “pinning”!

There are also a wide range of resources on Pinterest. One of the most informative profiles is the Grand Valley Charter Schools. They have a range of boards that cover ideas for engaging student at every age. One of my favorites is their “Cool Finds” board.

I thought it fitting to end this blog with some inspiration for the new school year:

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” ~Quote by Sydney J. Harris