Using MAP? Don’t Miss 6 PD Gems on

Using MAP? Don’t Miss 6 PD Gems on NWEA.orgHave you ever spent time scouring your garage or kitchen for just the right tool, only to discover that it was in front of you all along? I know I have!

If you’re using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) interim assessments, you probably visit the website regularly to log into your reports. However, what you may not know is that the website can also be a treasure trove of these right-in-front-of-you tools you can return to time and again as part of your ongoing professional development.

To help make it easier for you to learn exactly what you need, when you need it, here’s a quick list of the 6 best MAP-focused PD resources you can access from, plus tips for using each one:

1. Destination PD (formerly Knowledge Academy)

What you’ll find: An online learning portal exclusively for NWEA partner districts, with dozens of free resources to help you get to know MAP better, use the data to inform instruction and planning, and get a refresher between face-to-face PD workshops (Don’t have an account? Check with your District MAP Coordinator about setting one up. It’s free for all staff as long as your district is using MAP.)

Try this:

  • Download our short guide to the best resources inside Destination PD: Top 4 eLearning Needs: Solved
  • Log in to browse through all courses, tutorials, videos, and on-demand webinars
  • If you lose the direct link to this site, you can always access it from by going to Logins (at the top of the page), then clicking on All Logins

2. Featured Reports for MAP & MAP for Primary Grades (MPG)

What you’ll find: A glimpse of the 12 most popular Web-Based MAP reports, plus the purpose of each one

Try this:

  • Bookmark this page and share it with colleagues for a quick reference to key MAP reports for gauging student achievement, growth, projected proficiency and more
  • Share this page with new staff to quickly introduce them to key MAP reports

3. Instructional Resources

What you’ll find: A reference of useful external resources that can help you answer this question: “I have my students’ RIT scores… Now what?

Try this:

  • Visit this page to learn about and access two powerful instructional resources connected to your students’ RIT scores: RIT to Resource and MAP to Khan Academy

4. This Blog (Teach.Learn.Grow.)

What you’ll find: Posts from NWEA subject matter experts on a wide range of assessment and education topics, from assessment literacy, to classroom formative assessment practice, to teacher professional development

Try this:

5. Resource Library

What you’ll find: All downloadable documents in one place, including articles, FAQs, and reports from our Research team

Try this:

  • Download and print key documents to help answer your and your team’s questions
  • Search the white papers and research reports for a topic of interest;  distribute for discussion at a team or PLC meeting
  • Narrow down your resource results by type, focus area, recommended audience or other variables, using the filter options in the left sidebar

6. Events

What you’ll find: A list of all upcoming NWEA-hosted events, including professional development conferences, webinars and regional workshops

Try this:

Which of these did you find most helpful? Are there other free MAP-focused PD resources you like using or sharing with colleagues? Let us know in the comments. And if you’d like, check out NWEA onsite PD options (including workshops and coaching) for educators and leaders using MAP assessments.