5 Innovative Ways to Use Educational Podcasts in the Classroom

5 Innovative Ways to Use Educational Podcasts in the ClassroomI have to admit, before I started this blog, I was not a big podcast person. To my surprise podcasts and anything associated to them are HUGE. Fortunately, educators have been busy creating innovative ways to use podcasts in their classrooms, and as a way to spread their knowledge to their peers. Here are resources for tapping into this powerful platform – but we would love to learn which ones you enjoy. Tweet us your favorites at #edupodcasts

InformEd has a blog titled, 50 Educational Podcast You Should Check Out. From this comprehensive list, I zeroed in on several. Below is a list of five of these podcast resources that you might find interesting.

1. TEDtalks Education – Most of us are familiar with the inspirational and informational TEDtalks. The educational podcast topics will also leave a positive impact on you and possibly your students. If you’re a math teacher and like poetry you might enjoy Harry Baker’s, A love poem for lonely prime numbers.

2. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) – This is definitely a good resource for any teacher implementing technology in their classroom. ISTE has a monthly show called, Young Educator Network (YEN) that is specifically geared towards newer teachers.

3. Grammar Girl – At some point you probably have used this site to look up some form of forgotten grammar rule. Their education section also includes podcasts with most of their postings. A fun one to listen to is, Can you process these tricky, but grammatical, sentences? If you’re interested in podcasting, their Tech section has some tools that can help you get started.

4. Smart People Podcast – This resource is more for when you’re no longer at school, grading homework, planning lessons, etc. Start with the “Best Of” category to get a good idea of the type of podcasts they host.

5. EdReach – There are a variety of podcast and this site that could be helpful for teachers and administrators. They feature a podcast each week but take the time to also explore their “veteran shows.”

Hope you enjoy these podcast resources – and let us know if you find others that are worth adding to the list. We’d love to hear what you’re listening to!


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