NWEA Research on the Move

NWEA ResearchNWEA was established back in 1977 when researchers in several Pacific Northwest school districts started to collaborate on a new way to understand that fundamental question in education – are students learning. Out of that collaboration, these researchers built the RIT scale that forms the backbone of our MAP assessment – and continue to innovate, as the roster of presentations (PDF) they’ll be doing at this week’s American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference suggests. Please stop by if you’re attending.

So it’s an honor to welcome the research team – officially – to the Teach Learn Grow blog. If you’re familiar with the blog at the KingsburyCenter.Org site, you’ll recognize the writers who have joined us here. These include John Cronin, Nate Jensen, Mike Dahlin, Steve Wise, Andy Hegedus, and Beth Tarasawa. The purpose of the research blog is to give our researchers a venue to share their thoughts and insights on the research behind assessment.

In this thread of blogs, you will hear directly from our researchers about the education research topics we are investigating, studies we’re publishing, and collaborations we’re forming. Plus, expect musings on all things relating to assessment data – interpreting growth and scores, statistics, evaluation, and more.

Our hope is that this is an interactive experience, and that readers will comment with their responses or questions. Bring us your research ideas and questions!

Photo credit to Jennifer Morrow.