Fusion 2014: Tomorrow Started Here!

We are in the thick of Fusion 2014 and wanted to share some highlights. You can follow along at the hashtag #NWEAFusion – lots of activity, a-has, and insight being shared. Here’s a sampling:

The TweetBeem wall has been a popular place to see what people are saying.



NWEA President & CEO Matt Chapman got things started today, talking about the organizational vision to be “…the catalyst to create a world in which education is student-centric, relying on research-based evidence to inform each child’s optimal learning path.” This was followed by a provocative keynote by Tony Wagner, Expert in Residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab. He spoke passionately about the need to change the structures of school to enable innovation both for teachers and students. When asked about the challenges of poverty on innovation, he said, “Teachers cannot close the poverty gap alone,” and called for additional assistance from policy makers.

Sessions for the day covered topics from how to talk to parents about MAP (remember, it’s very different from the tests they took) to data coaching conversations and beyond.

And while Portland is not yet showing her summer glory, you’d never know the skies were gray from the smiles, laughter and great conversations taking place at Fusion.