First Year Implementing MAP? Hear Educators’ 6 Tips for Success (Video)

If you’re a school or district leader who is just getting started with Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessments, perhaps this thought has crossed your mind at some point: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just ask a few MAP users for their advice?”

If that’s the case, I have some great news. At the Fusion conference earlier this year, we asked veteran MAP users to share their best tips for leaders just starting out with MAP. To help you kick off your implementation with confidence, these educators and administrators shared the things they wish they knew when they were first starting out.

Watch this video to get their top 6 tips and hear them talk about:

  • the crucial elements of a data policy
  • the importance of setting growth goals
  • how a collaborative culture can foster great data conversations
  • the #1 thing you MUST keep in mind in your first year with MAP

Maybe it’s your own first year with MAP, or maybe you have new staff members who can benefit from these tips. Share this with your colleagues and let us know what you think.

And if you’re interested in learning more about MAP professional development options that can help support you and your team in your first year and beyond, you can read more about eLearning, workshops, data coaching and formative assessment professional development on


What about you? Do you have other tips to add to this list? Please comment below!