New Literacy for Teachers, Student Data, and Educator Evaluation

Little Boy on StairsNWEA authors have been featured recently on leading educational blogs and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss their insights! Below we provide a brief highlight of the topics they touch on and link to the original posts on and

A New Literacy for Today’s Incoming Teachers: Assessment.

Today in Education Week’s OpEducation blog, VP of Professional Development Dr. Anne Udall offers her perspective on the role of assessments in effective teacher preparation programs. “When used correctly, assessment data can empower, and not encumber, teachers,” she writes. “Understanding terms such as formative, summative, interim, and benchmark can help teachers to hold their ground in the growing debate on the use of assessment.”

Learn more about preparing new teachers to teach in this roundtable conversation.

Student Data and Educator Evaluation: Focus on Learning and Professional Growth

In a three-part guest series at Getting Smart, NWEA leaders consider the impact of using data from tests designed for instructional purposes to guide educator evaluations and call for a renewed focus on student learning and professional growth for teachers.

In the first post, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Raymond Yeagley calls for educators and school leaders to keep student benefit at the forefront of our thinking about assessment and teacher evaluation.

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