Formative Assessment Strategies – Dylan Wiliam On-Demand Webinars

Formative Assessment Strategies in the Classroom – Dylan Wiliam On-Demand WebinarsIf you haven’t had the pleasure and privilege to hear Dylan Wiliam speak before you can now access the three-part webinar series he gave last year on formative assessment. Dylan is an expert on formative assessment strategies and how to use them in the classroom to drive academic achievement. The webinar series provides a comprehensive, deep-dive into the foundation and value of his approach.


The three-part series breaks down as follows:

1. Understanding Formative Assessment & Why it Needs to Be a Priority for Every School

2. Practical Techniques for Implementing Formative Assessment

3. How to Sustain the Development of Formative Assessment Using Teacher Learning Communities

As you’ll see if you view the webinars, formative assessment is something that any teacher can implement in their classroom with success. There are multiple strategies and techniques – some of which we’ve blogged about – that help teachers elicit evidence of student learning, which can be used to adjust how they teach in the moment to affect learning outcomes. It not only works, it can also be used to help meet the deeper thinking and higher-order learning needs that are part of meeting the new Common Core State Standards.

Check out the webinar series by clicking the titles above and tell us what you think. Have formative assessment strategies worked in your classroom?