Skills Pointer

Reduce achievement gaps and help students excel with Skills Pointer

A powerful tool for both enrichment and remediation, Skills Pointer® complements existing curriculum programs.  Get insights into student skills gaps along with resources to help students move forward in their learning journey.

Skills Pointer is very useful in differentiating and individualizing instruction by mapping out a course of specific topics a student needs to be taught to [come] back to grade level. Skills Pointer definitely helps us in our planning and teaching.

Beth Frangipane, Academic Intervention Services Math
Middletown School, New York

Quick Facts


Help every student excel with skill-based assessments and 1:1 resources

How It Works

Vertical mapping


Skills Pointer features vertical skills-based assessments that quickly identify a student’s missing concepts by spiraling up or down subject area content in response to student answers.

Video Overview

Uncover students’ missing foundational skills—then quickly address them

Empower Educators

How will you use Skills Pointer data and resources?

Skills Pointer combines vertically adaptive iWith vertically adaptive tests, the item difficulty level moves up or down throughout the test in response to the student’s performance. If a question is answered correctly, the test dynamically selects a more challenging item; if a student misses a question, the follow-up item is easier. skills-based assessments and reports with individualized tutorials and practice activities aligned to Common Core standards.

Steps to Success

Boost student success by pairing Skills Pointer with MAP® interim assessments

Next steps:  Focus on building foundational skills with Skills Pointer