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Help all kids learn with an easy-to-use, engaging classroom assessment tool

Discover classroom assessment that makes a real difference for students and teachers with Skills Navigator®. Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) worked closely with educators to design this engaging tool that helps teachers close achievement gaps, use data to guide instruction, and support kids with diverse needs. Designed for grades K – 8, Skills Navigator helps you easily accomplish four key tasks: identify the skills students are ready to learn, check evidence of skill mastery, monitor student progress toward mastery, and provide instructional resources to meet students’ specific needs—on, above, or below grade level.

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Skills Navigator supports educators and students with assessments that make a difference in learning.

How it works

How Skills Navigator works

MAP Integration

MAP integration for a seamless assessment solution

Already using Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)? You’ll find Skills Navigator to be an intuitive extension of your assessment suite.

  • Save time on testing—Skills Navigator seamlessly integrates your MAP data, giving you a starting point for each student
  • Save time in the classroom—skill strands in Skills Navigator align directly to MAP goal areas, so you can immediately start differentiating instruction based on the goals you’ve identified from RIT score
  • Save time on set-up: built on the same stable universal assessment platform as MAP, so your student data are already there, system requirements and compatibilities are the same, and you get a single roster solution

Instructional Resources

Links to instruction tailored to each student’s needs

See the skills a student needs to work on and immediately assign differentiated instruction to help every student grow. Skills Navigator provides direct links to curated educational resources for every skill measured.

  • The resources are curated by Knovation®, so you can be certain what you assign is high-quality, relevant, and appropriately aligned to grade and standard.
  • These resources are available for you to assign and students to work on from anywhere with an internet connection—even at home
  • Students can see all their assigned instructional resources from their dashboards, making it easy to get started on their learning anytime, anyplace
  • You can track which instructional resources any student has accessed

Progress Monitoring for RTI

Progress monitoring for RTI—an essential tool

Skills Navigator is built on the principles of a Response to Intervention (RTI) progress monitor i  The National Center on Intensive Intervention defines progress monitoring as: “repeated measurement of academic performance for the purpose of helping schools individualize instructional programs for students in grades K-12 who have intensive instructional needs. For this purpose, progress monitoring is collected weekly to assess whether student progress is adequate to meet the student’s instructional goal. If not, the teacher adjusts the instructional program to better meet the student’s needs and continues to monitor progress. This process recurs throughout intervention to formatively develop an effective, individually tailored instructional program.” for measuring skills mastery as defined by the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII). Skills Navigator allows you to understand, at a glance, which students are responding to remediation efforts and which students need increased levels of intervention. As a Tier II progress monitoring tool, Skills Navigator helps educators:

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