Skills Navigator


Innovative skills mastery and progress monitoring assessment

Skills Navigator® helps educators save time by pinpointing discrete skill gaps to focus instruction and close achievement gaps. This in-classroom tool is ideally suited for use with targeted small groups and individual students—supporting both remediation and enrichment. Teachers can use this system to quickly and easily:

  • Identify the skills students are ready to learn—on, above, or below grade level
  • Check for evidence of learning progress and skills mastery
  • Complement curriculum with resources that help students practice missing skills
  • Monitor progress for students in tiered intervention programs

Skills Navigator really gives teachers a starting point to work with the students. It moves them away from following chapters in a book and really drives individualized instruction.

Tammy Thorn
Assistant Principal, Legacy Academy, Colorado

Quick facts

MAP Integration

The answer to “what’s next” after MAP

Already using Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)? You’ll find Skills Navigator to be an intuitive extension of your assessment suite.

  • MAP gives you the goal area where each students needs to grow—Skills Navigator then quickly drills down to a more granular level
  • Skills Navigator leverages MAP RIT scores to zero in on skills and reduce assessment time
  • You can use Skills Navigator as frequently as needed to support student progress between administrations of MAP
  • Integration with MAP makes for streamlined usage: system requirements, student rosters, and staff logins for Skills Navigator are the same as Web-Based MAP

Progress Monitoring for RTI

Progress monitoring for RTI—an essential tool

Skills Navigator is built on the principles of a Response to Intervention (RTI) progress monitor i  The National Center on Intensive Intervention defines progress monitoring as: “repeated measurement of academic performance for the purpose of helping schools individualize instructional programs for students in grades K-12 who have intensive instructional needs. For this purpose, progress monitoring is collected weekly to assess whether student progress is adequate to meet the student’s instructional goal. If not, the teacher adjusts the instructional program to better meet the student’s needs and continues to monitor progress. This process recurs throughout intervention to formatively develop an effective, individually tailored instructional program.” for measuring skills mastery as defined by the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII). Skills Navigator allows you to understand, at a glance, which students are responding to remediation efforts and which students need increased levels of intervention. As a Tier II and Tier III progress monitoring tool, Skills Navigator helps educators:

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