MAP reporting and data

MAP reports give you a window into every student’s achievement and growth

Armed with Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) interim assessment data and our comprehensive reporting suite, you're prepared to meet your students when and where they need you most.

It’s the perfect marriage. NWEA gives you the what and where, it tells you exactly where your students are functioning. You have to develop the how: How are you going to address your data concerns? How are you going to meet your overall school goals? How are you going to focus on your student achievement?

Jonathan Strong, Reading Coach and RTI Counselor
Confluence Academy, Missouri

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Empowering Educators

How do educators use MAP reports and data?

Customized Reports

Custom reports for deep district insights

MAP Insights Suite

The MAP Insights Suite comprises four premium reports that provide you with powerful, district-wide insights you can use to support growth for all your students. Each report dives deep into your data for a unique look at key aspects of your district’s academic performance—allowing you to tackle learning barriers, identify strengths and opportunities, and gain a greater understanding of how to help your students succeed.

The reports support school improvement work; inform decisions about program planning, professional learning, and curriculum; and help communicate performance to a wide range of audiences.

  • MAP Insights report: Discover clear, actionable insight into the academic performance, growth, and achievement of students throughout your district—with clear narrative reporting that facilitates communication to multiple stakeholders
  • MAP Growth Insights report: Get a granular view of your student growth by school, achievement level, grade, ethnicity, or gender as compared to national student achievement and growth norms by using powerful NWEA normative data
  • MAP Similar Schools Insights report: Go beyond national norms to see how your students are growing compared to similar students in similar schools across the country—a true apples-to-apples comparison
  • MAP Instructional Insights report: Obtain robust information about how well your students understand specific instructional topics and objectives—and how their knowledge changes over time

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