MAP End of Course assessments in Math

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When the year’s ending, use these 5 tests to measure upper-level math knowledge

Every license for Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) interim assessment includes five End of Course mathematics tests: Algebra 1; Geometry; Algebra 2; Integrated Mathematics 1 and 2; and Integrated Mathematics 3. End of Course assessments aren’t pretests or mastery tests. Instead, use them to measure your students’ understanding of specific content after a year of instruction.


Add depth to instructional and programmatic decisions with End of Course assessments

  • Inform placement decisions for the coming school year
  • Learn about class strengths and weaknesses
  • Gauge potential student performance on state tests using MAP relative performance by norms information
  • Monitor course scores year to year to track programmatic success
Worried your older students may lack the motivation to give their best effort on assessments? The computer adaptive test engine that drives MAP includes a feature that monitors student responses throughout the test. When a MAP test detects student disengagement, NWEA flags the test as invalid.

Next steps: Check students’ upper-level math placement with end of course efforts