MPG: early childhood assessment for grades K – 2

The right early childhood assessment tool for your youngest students

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) supports your efforts to maximize kindergarten – grade 2 student learning with MAP for Primary Grades (MPG). Like MAP, MPG creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level. You’ll have crucial early childhood assessment data—and essential information about what each of your students knows and is ready to learn—within 24 hours.

For our youngest students, MPG data help us more than any other tool with guiding group decisions. We have a wide variety of abilities in each class, yet our focus is on what each individual child needs. With MAP and MPG, we have a great deal of confidence in our decision making.

Elizabeth Parks, Director of Assessment and Research
Blue Valley School District, Kansas

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Ensure your early learners maximize their potential


Pair MPG and MAP for seamless measuring and monitoring of K – 12 student growth term-to-term and year-over-year, a feature no other interim assessment provides.

Discover add-ons that add value

In addition to an interim assessment in reading and mathematics (known as the MPG Survey with Goals), the MPG assessment package comes with two additional types of assessments that help teachers dig deeper into skill development in the early grades: MPG Screening Tests for pre-literacy and number skills, plus short MPG Skills Checklists, which are tests of single skills in phonics, phonological awareness, numeracy, and computation. To help keep students immersed in the assessment experience, all MPG assessments include audio instructions and engaging visuals.

Want to read more about the skills covered on each of the MPG assessment types—and how the types differ?

Choose from versions that cover national standards or Common Core standards.

Video Testimonials

Educators share what’s great about MAP growth data

For our featured educators, MAP growth data is a must-have in the classroom and beyond

Thank you to our interviewees: Daniel Fallon, Director of Accountability, Beaufort County (South Carolina) School District; Dr. Sarah McKenzie, Director of Assessment, Research & Accountability, Fayetteville Public Schools, Arkansas; Amy Mims, President, Atlantic Research Partners.

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MPG success stories

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How will you use MPG data?

Based on over 30 years of solid research, our computer adaptive interim assessments do more than create personalized test experiences for every student: they provide the most stable scale and data in the assessment industry. Educators around the globe trust MPG and our interactive MAP Learning Continuum to deliver instructional insights that help them accelerate student learning.

Pre-K – 3 Adaptive Assessment


Set skill acquisition on the right path from day one

Amplify early learners’ success with CPAA, our adaptive skills assessment

Prekindergarten and early primary students aren’t just small versions of bigger kids—and Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) respects that by providing a personalized assessment experience that supports your youngest learners’ unique developmental needs. Designed by Columbia University and MIT researchers, our adaptive skills offers you a reliable way to create targeted instruction for every pre-K – 3 student.

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