MAP Learning Continuum

Discover how the Learning Continuum empowers you to create student-specific learning ladders

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) interim assessments include our proprietary interactive tool for teachers, the Learning Continuum.  Teachers using the Learning Continuum can see what students performing at a given RIT level on MAP assessments are typically ready to learn. From there, they can use the learning statements within the continuum to help them differentiate instruction for both individual students and skill-based activity groups.


MAP Learning Statements provide a fast, flexible way for teachers to create customized learning paths for students and small-group learners. By matching our continuum’s suggested areas of instructional focus against your district’s curriculum, you can maximize your support of students who perform at, above, and below grade level.

Understand which standards students are ready to learn and to master

Our MAP Learning Continuum helps teachers pinpoint where individual students are ready to advance—and where they need help. Since we calibrate the difficulty of all research-based MAP test items to our RIT scale, we’re able to use student RIT scores to create a data-informed continuum of learning that’s based on difficulty, not scope and sequence.

How It Works

  • Easy-to-understand learning statements provide an instructional starting point for teachers by describing the skills and concepts that need to be introduced, developed, or reinforced
  • Multiple views meet different needs
  • RIT scores get connected to skills and concepts students are ready to learn, helping teachers identify and communicate learning goals and targets to students


With the click of a button, see an entire class organized into skill-based activity groups

To help inform decisions for grouping, differentiating instruction, and targeted interventions, the Learning Continuum provides teachers with a Class View by goal, sub-goal, and RIT ranges. It groups students by RIT score bands to clearly show where students are and what they’re ready to learn.

The concept behind the Learning Continuum Test View

The Test View groups the learning statements for a test by RIT band into three columns.

A Look Inside


How the Learning Continuum aids decision making inside and outside the classroom

Is your school or district currently using MAP? While the Learning Continuum replaces DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning® and Primary Grades Instructional Data (PGID), you’ll have access to both DesCartes and PGID throughout the 2014 – 2015 academic year.


Maximize student growth by helping your teachers focus on student goal setting

Work with our professional development specialists to give your teachers hands-on help using the Learning Continuum in lesson planning. Our Informing Instruction workshop provides an effective way to ensure teachers understand how to differentiate through flexible grouping and build scaffolded instructional plans.

Next steps:  Learn how our MAP Learning Continuum gives teachers a data-informed tool for tailoring instruction