Instructional Resources for MAP


Tailor teaching for each student with MAP instructional resources

Tailor teaching for each student with MAP instructional resources

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) K – 12 interim assessments give educators powerful information about how every student is performing—and our instructional resource tools help them answer the “What next?” question. These tools provide a fast, reliable way for teachers to help each student develop the skills he or she is ready to learn.


Easy-to-use instructional resources help teachers connect assessment data to tailored learning opportunities.

MAP to Khan Academy

MAP to Khan Academy

Seamlessly connect every student’s MAP scores in mathematics to appropriate K – 12 instructional activities with MAP for Khan Academy. This tool correlates students’ MAP and MAP for Primary Grades scores to online Khan Academy math practice exercises, allowing teachers to quickly and easily differentiate instruction for students with diverse abilities.

MAP to Khan Academy links teachers and students to free, web-based exercises ideal for a variety of uses.

  • Independent classroom work
  • Skill-based small group instruction
  • At-home learning

Instructional Content Providers

Instructional Content Providers

MAP data integrate seamlessly with a host of instructional content providers, making it easy for instructors to use assessment data to differentiate instruction. With just a couple clicks, teachers can match students, based on RIT scores, with the appropriate instructional resources their schools have purchased.

  • Leverage MAP data to create individual student learning paths
  • Save time grouping students into skills-based learning groups
  • Increase student engagement and independence
  • Get more out of the instructional content your school has purchased by aligning it with what each student is ready to learn

College Explorer

Mapping the Road to College

See where MAP scores can take your students with our unique College Explorer tool, which both links MAP scores to college readiness benchmarks for the ACT® and provides college costs from the College Scorecard database. Use it with your students and their parents to start—or support—important conversations about college!

All you need is a MAP score to get started.

Next Steps

Next Steps: Maximize student learning and growth with MAP