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Make an immediate difference in student learning with real-time data

In any given classroom, students learn and grow at different rates. To help you tailor your teaching to meet the needs of all students, we’ve designed our computer adaptive, research-based pre-K – 12 assessments to be used throughout the school year. Because NWEA assessments deliver precise results that identify learning levels, you can use your data to differentiate instruction and support every student’s learning journey.

Measures of Academic Progress, MAP, has been very powerful in the classroom. One of its strongest points is the ability to inform instruction. I don’t know of another instrument that is as detailed in providing relevant information for teachers moving forward as MAP has been for us.

Marlin Baker, Principal
Brooklet Elementary School, Bulloch County Schools, Georgia

Our Assessments

How We Help Teachers

Our assessments do what teachers need them to do

All of the CPAA data is immediate. We use the reports both to generate the dynamic groups and to choose an appropriate concept-specific activity. Teachers also use the reports to collaborate with parents. CPAA helps our students stretch to see how far they can go and it helps us identify exactly how to help them get there.

Roxanne Murphy, Math Coach
Gladstone Street Elementary School, Cranston School District, Rhode Island

Data Accelerated Learning

Discover how data-informed instruction makes it easier to accelerate learning

Instructional resources for MAP

Instructional resources transform MAP data into targeted, hands-on learning

Instructional resources help teachers translate the powerful data they get from MAP assessments into tailored teaching opportunities for each student. These online tools make it easy to:

  • personalize instruction for each student, whether he or she is performing on, above, or below grade level
  • identify Open Educational Resources (OERs) that align to student learning needs
  • share resources with students for classroom work or at-home learning

Industry Partnerships

Get more from MAP: Explore NWEA-approved instructional content providers

Give your teachers a quick, efficient way to differentiate instruction: connect with our authorized instructional content providers (ICPs). Our ICPs match students’ Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment results to content and instructional materials tailored to each student’s unique zone of proximal development (ZPD). These MAP-informed learning paths help maximize each student’s learning and growth—while also maximizing your district’s investments.

  • Engage students with content that supports their learning goals and ability to work independently
  • Automate the process of selecting content for differentiating instruction
  • Provide teachers and students access to content in the classroom, in intervention settings, or at home

Professional Development


Go further with rooted-in-research NWEA professional development

Help your team chart a path to success with NWEA professional development

Our professional development specialists excel at helping educators make the most of their assessment data.  They’re also experts at coaching districts ready to conquer their unique challenges, supporting teacher use of formative assessment to build better instructional environments, and guiding educators to get what they need from our 24/7 eLearning platform.


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