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Common Core Measures of Academic Progress® (Common Core MAP®) data provide you with a clear picture of your K – 12 students’ achievement and growth term-to-term and year-over-year. Get insights into every student’s learning needs while gaining valuable information about student progress with common core assessment that measures real growth—even if you experience proficiency drops on your summative assessment.

Common Core MAP gave us a new set of results tied to the Common Core that we hadn’t had in the past. It allowed us to see where our instructional holes were. This was a very reliable way to be able to pinpoint exactly where standards were falling with our kids—and then make the plans necessary to make those gaps go away.

Assistant Superintendent/Student Learning Division
Bullitt County Public Schools, Kentucky

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Based on over 30 years of solid research, our computer adaptive interim assessments do more than create personalized test experiences for every student: they provide the most stable scale and data in the assessment industry. Educators inside and outside the classroom use Common Core MAP data and our interactive MAP Learning Continuum to accelerate student learning on Common Core standards.

Pair Common Core MAP and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) for seamless measuring and monitoring of K – 12 student growth term-to-term and year-over-year, a feature no other interim assessment provides.

MAP for K - 2

MAP for Primary Grades presents students with engaging, age-appropriate content.

MAP for Primary Grades presents students with engaging, age-appropriate content.

Common Core MPG: The right fit for your youngest students

Created especially for kindergarten – grade 2 students, computer adaptive Common Core MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) interim assessments support your youngest students with colorful graphics and audio support. Just like Common Core MAP for grade 3 – 12 students, you'll receive valid, reliable data that help you personalize instruction, inform your programmatic decisions, screen, and more.

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Our assessments go deep—our WebbAlign partnership supports itWebb-Align-DOK-Partner

You can trust that NWEA assessments accurately measure depth of knowledge across all subjects. We’re excited to partner with WebbAlign to continue our commitment to best practices and methodology in this area Learn more about our WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partnership.

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