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Help your youngest learners leap ahead—track early childhood learning with CPAA

Prekindergarten and early primary students aren’t just small versions of bigger kids—that’s why Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) provides a personalized assessment experience that supports your youngest learners’ unique developmental needs. Designed by Columbia University and MIT researchers, our adaptive skills assessment offers educators a reliable tool to guide targeted instruction for early childhood learning. In addition, CPAA offers easy-to-understand parent reports and instructional activities for the home.

It’s very exciting for me to see the children using this tool. CPAA gets us exactly the information we want in a much more child-friendly way. Some of our teachers would never go back to using the tools we had before Children’s Progress. It’s part of who we are now—part of our fabric.

Roxanne Turekian, Assistant Head of School
St. Thomas’s Day School, Connecticut

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Set skill acquisition on the right path from day one

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Get precise, valid information about your youngest students’ skills in a flash

To keep student stress at bay, research-based CPAA offers lively graphics, a self-paced format, and scaffolding (targeted support) when a child answers incorrectly.


Discover how CPAA helps accelerate academic success

Case Studies

Educators use CPAA data to help students soar

RTI Screening

CPAA aids a Texas school’s RTI efforts

Identify students’ needs and support their success by using CPAA as an RTI screening tool

Looking for an RTI screener for your early learners? Choose from CPAA or MAP® for Primary Grades interim assessment, a universal screener that provides the added benefit of stable growth measurement. Use CPAA up to once per month to help you target instruction for all your students.

For Early Learners

Boost early learners’ achievement even more: pair CPAA with MPG

Amplify efforts to get all your pre-K – 3 students on the right track for third grade and beyond by pairing our two early learning assessments. MAP for Primary Grades (MPG), our interim assessment for kindergarten – grade 2 students, helps you measure growth, personalize instruction, inform your programmatic decisions, and more.

Next steps: Gain skill-specific instructional guidance and powerful tools to partner with parents