Data and Reporting

The Keys to Child-Centered Education

Every child is more than a number. But the figures they produce, through our assessment tools, offer a window into their potential. When you partner with NWEA, your students will be tested and you'll receive the data, as well as the essential tools to use it. These proprietary tools - including DesCartes, our Dynamic Reporting Suite (DRS), and our Classroom Resources - give you a deeper understanding of the data as well as multiple ways to view it.

Armed with data from NWEA testing, you're prepared to meet your students, when and where they need you most.

Use our data to:

  • Determine precisely which concepts a student has mastered, and which areas to focus on for academic growth.
  • Compare academic progress with other children in the class, grade or district.
  • Track academic growth over a school year or over several years - even if the student changes schools within a district.
  • Determine how to fine-tune specific programs from year to year.

Dynamic Reporting Suite


The Power to See
Whether you want to view the entire district by grade or see how a particular student is expected to perform on an upcoming state test, our Dynamic Reporting Suite gives you those options and more.

Here are just a few ways educators use our reports to focus on their students needs:

  • Use multiple windows to look at the growth and achievement of a student in your system.
  • View data in RIT score bands across grade levels and measure particular classrooms on their progress.

We offer specialized reports at the classroom, building and district levels.