Classroom Resources

Tools for Bringing Results to Life

Once your test results are in, it's time to put them to work. NWEA's classroom resources help educators do just that. The resources found in NWEA's DesCartes Continuum of Learning support instructional planning and help you and your students succeed.

These resources help you:

  • Define flexible groups for instruction
  • Personalize instruction
  • Link test results to skills and concepts aligned with state standards
  • Facilitate goal-setting and student learning plans

Resources in Action
Making the data actionable right away helps your students grow. Our classroom resources support you as you work with students to set and achieve goals. Here's how.

Scenario: You've just received your test results, and Ted has a RIT score of 235. Your NWEA results also show you goal-area scores, so now you have a pretty clear idea of the concepts Ted is ready to learn.

Using our DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning®, you can identify instructional materials that cover the areas Ted is ready to learn at the level that is right for him.

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